BlueEye Clinic for video consultation

BlueEye Clinic - Virtual Clinic for Healthcare Professionals

Virtual clinic for healthcare professionals with an online experience of real-life consultations. BlueEye Clinic can be used for any clinic situation where a clinician or therapist speaks to a patient or client using video. 

Whether you are looking for video consultation solution as an individual healthcare professional, a clinic or a hospital, we have the right solution for you.

For individuals
No Contract

For clinics
subscription based

For hospitals
enterprise contract

BlueEye Clinic has all the existing features of BlueEye Direct – Virtual Outpatient Clinic, Data Security and Instantaneous Video.

Virtual Outpatient Clinic

BlueEye Clinic Video operates as a virtualised outpatient clinic. BlueEye Clinic uses webRTC for real-time video communication.

Data Security

The video is encrypted, not recorded and there is minimal personal data used to set up the video. Data is not provided to any third party nor is the data used for marketing purposes.

Instantaneous Video

The video call is instantaneous once the patient clicks on the link and the doctor joins the call.

In addition to all the existing features of BlueEye Direct, BlueEye Clinic allows healthcare professionals to book and manage Appointments, provides patients with a Waiting Room before entering the call, and also enables Multi-party video calls.

1. Schedule appointment (min. 10 minutes from current time)

2. Enter patient’s phone number or email address

3. Patient receives Text message/ Email with a link

4. At the time of the appointment, patient clicks on link & gives consent to the video call by authorising access to their phone’s microphone & camera

5. Patient enters Waiting Room until doctor is ready for the call

The Multi-Party feature enables a Healthcare Professional to see up to 5 patients at a time. This allows a Healthcare Professional for instance, to carry out group therapy, to  involve a professional colleague, or to facilitate a translator in a consultation. During the live call, the Healthcare Professional can:
  • Add participants (max. 5 participants)
  • Chat  with participants
  • Share screen
  • Reinstate a lost communication feed by clicking “Refresh Video”

Are you a hospital or an organisation looking for a solution that accommodates a large number of users? You’ve come to the right place. We also provide an Enterprise version of BlueEye Clinic BlueEye Clinic Plus which includes all BlueEye Clinic features and furthermore, enables up to 1,000 users, provides Analytics and 24/7 Customer Support.

All BlueEye solutions comply with GDPR and HSE standards. All BlueEye data is AES-256 encrypted. BlueEye uses TLS 1.2 and TLS 1.3 and is always updated with secure cyphers only. RedZinc is committed to perform regular Penetration Testing to provide fully secure products.

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