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An emergency caller sending live video of emergency scene to remote emergency call centre via BlueEye First

BlueEye First for 112 and 999 call centres use case

Real-time video of an emergency scene can benefit both the patient as well as the call centres. The real-time video along with the audio enables the call centre operators with quicker and more efficient decision-making.

Why BlueEye First?

For a stroke patient, ‘time is brain’ and for a heart patient, ‘time is muscle’

When the emergency call centres receive emergency calls, they ask some fundamental questions from the caller in order to understand the severity of the situation. This questioning uses a significant time which may prove crucial in the emergency situation. Also, the emergency caller might not be able to explain the situation in the most appropriate manner resulting in inefficient decision making for the emergency call centre operator.

BlueEye First addresses these challenges by including the video call option along with the audio call enabling the emergency call centre operators with quicker and more efficient decision-making.

How it works?

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