Deliver Remote Education
to Student Nurses

A critical part of nursing education is live demonstration of medical procedures and patient care to student nurses.

Restricted access to hospitals, clinics and surgeries means nurse educators must find alternative ways to deliver such live demonstrations to students.

BlueEye Handsfree Classroom is a wearable video solution which facilitates delivery of quality education and training to the remote students.

The integrated video solution consists of Handsfree camera headset for the nursing educator to initiate live video streaming while performing a medical procedure and BlueEye web portal for the students to remotely access the real-time video on their system of choice. 

Handsfree camera headset, smartphone and BlueEye web portal



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The customisable handsfree video solution can also be used in several other set ups such as COVID isolationward rounds and remote expert support for medical professionals & first responders. Learn more

How the Free Trial works?

  1. RedZinc receives the trial request
  2. RedZinc demonstrates how to use BlueEye Handsfree Classroom 
  3. RedZinc ships the camera and smartphone and shares BlueEye login details
  4. At the end of the trial period, either you purchase the unit or ship it back to RedZinc

This will enable you to try out the solution with your students for real-time experience. Contact us to avail to this limited offer today.

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RedZinc is piloting innovative video solutions for different applications in hospitals and clinics. 5G Heart assesses 5G differentiated services across multiple verticals of healthcare, transport and aquaculture sectors. RedZinc is a  partner in the 5G Heart project along with partners Philips, TNO, Oslo Hospital, Telenor, VTT, University of Surrey and Hellenic Telecom.