BlueEye Direct Video for Outpatient Clinic

BlueEye Direct Video Consultation Use Case

BlueEye Direct Video is a secure web based real time video communication from a doctor or medical professional or video helpline, using a laptop, to a patient’s smartphone.

This technology is extremely easy for the patient to use on their smartphone, as there is no set up required, no equipment, no app, no passwords – the patient does not need anything apart from their smartphone. However, the video is encrypted and secure.


How Does it Work?

The medical professional sends a link (generated by BlueEye Direct) to the patient’s smartphone. The patient clicks on the link sent by the medical professional. The secure video stream is set up and the medical professional and the patient can see and hear each other.

For more details on BlueEye application, download the BlueEye Clinic video consultation to keep clinics open during COVID-19 case study