BlueEye Handsfree for Public Safety

Crime scenes and public safety situations can easily get out of hand and cause problems for the first responders as well as the public.

With the BlueEye wireless video connection, an on-site police officer can stream live video footage of the scene to their command centre to get immediate expert advice, targeted back up and incident recording if required.


  • BlueEye helps police and firefighters to troubleshoot incidents by streaming live video from the site back to the command centre
  • BlueEye can enable an ‘emergency video999’ call to provide on scene video information of a new incident.
  • BlueEye can enable sharing of video and data via the first responder between fire/ambulance/police operations in a combined response incident.
  • Providing live help via oversight, diagnosis and management to the site of a problem increases response time and enables more efficient work processes manner in any ‘hot’ situation.
  • Recording of incidents can protect the first responder and the public in cases of dispute.
  • Wearable video camera mountable and a hands free point of view video headset enables technical expert to see remotely and in real-time point of view streaming
  • Belt mounted 4G wearable module with long life battery for a long work shift on site