BlueEye Mobile Telemedicine

Video Service for Outpatient Clinics, Paramedics and Emergency Call Centres

Clinician operates virtual outpatient clinics by video with patient at home​

Secure encrypted video stream

Reduces exposure risk for medical personnel

Paramedic connects to Emergency Doctor using Wearable Mobile Video Camera

Pre-Hospital Diagnosis, Treatment & remote paramedic by video

Accelerates treatment

Call Centre receives video from public smartphone

Higher Accuracy for Emergency Responder

Increased Ambulance Service Efficiency​


Provide medical expertise to the patient’s home with a virtual clinic
Provide medical expertise to the scene of a car crash or other emergency event using wearable video or smartphone cameras

Our Company

RedZinc is a Software-as-a-Service company with web-based, real time video communication solutions for healthcare, industry and security. RedZinc’s vision is to improve the lives of those in healthcare, industry and security using mobile video services.

Healthcare Challenges in the era of Covid-19
With the need to isolate and physical distance, the world and its health service are facing unique situations and challenges
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BlueEye Direct
BlueEye Direct is a secure encrypted video service from a healthcare provider on a laptop, to a patient on their smartphone
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Research and Innovation

RedZinc works with industry and academia worldwide to maintain a leading edge. We constantly innovate in web real time video communications and point of view wearable video. We aim to provide Quality of Service based mobile video telemedicine and tele-maintenance on WiFi, 4G, and 5G Networks. We also research and develop network technologies to provide the best video experience for our customers. RedZinc has indepth 5G R&D expertise in mobile telemedicine and network slicing.


RedZinc innovates in eHealth applications video streaming and telemedicine through research and pilots with hospitals and first responders.


RedZinc innovates at the leading edge of network technology, developing technologies for 4G and 5G networks including QoS, event charging, network slicing, orchestration, SDN, NVF, video performance enhancements and more.

Our Partners