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2 BlueEye Handsfree | RedZinc Serviceses BlueEye Handsfree | RedZinc Services
HSE Support Portal
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Project Description

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Wearable Video for remote video consultation

BlueEye Handsfree is a wearable, mobile, point-of-view, cloud-based Video Service Delivery Platform.

BlueEye Handsfree Video platform facilitates remote training, consultation or expert advice via point of view live video with the help of a wearable camera and a secure web portal.


What is BlueEye Handsfree?

The customisable real-time video solution has three components:

  • A wearable headset with an integrated High-definition camera for capturing live video

  • A smartphone for mobile connection

  • A secure web portal for live video streaming and remote access.

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Key Features of BlueEye Handsfree

How It Works

Connect The Device

The camera headset user connects the headset with the smartphone and wears the headset near their temple.

Start Streaming

The user then starts live video streaming with the help of BlueEye app in the smartphone.

Remote Access Live Video

The remote audience logs in to the BlueEye hot desk to access the live video.

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Key Outcomes

  • Enables transmission of point-of-view video without impacting the vision of camera headset user

  • Eliminates the need for travel, resulting in savings on cost and time
  • Improves convenience for the participants
  • Facilitates instant remote assistance or expert advice
  • Mitigates the challenges associated with the congregation of many participants in one place

Use Cases

Emergency Services
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Point-of-view real time video communication from paramedic to doctor can help with diagnosis, treatment and oversight before the patient reaches hospital.​

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Remote students can get first hand training and education via real time video feed.

Public Safety
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Live video footage of the scene streamed to police command centre to get immediate expert advice, targeted back up and incident recording if required.​

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On-site technicians can get expert advice, by displaying the faulty equipment or plant status remotely using live wireless video.

What Our Customers Say

“The Innovative Handsfree Solution providees a headset link to ambulance staff who can connect to an advising consultant on the patients care”

17-2 BlueEye Handsfree | RedZinc ServicesHSE Digital Transformation

“This is revolutionary, a wonderful tool. Facilitates a quick reaction. We can interact as if we were next to each other”

061-150x107 BlueEye Handsfree | RedZinc ServicesAndalucia Ambulance Service

“Paramedic video from the field is the most technically challenging of telemedicine scenarios. When the spandemic arrived RedZinc were well equipped to pivot their solution for contagion avoidance scenarios for doctors and nurses on wards as well as outpatient clinics”

15-3 BlueEye Handsfree | RedZinc ServicesHSE

“We were able to communicate with and see our patients in various units across the city and allowed us to have a realistic interaction with them”

14 BlueEye Handsfree | RedZinc ServicesTallaght University Hospital

Secure Data

BlueEye solutions comply with the GDPR and Data Protections regulations. All BlueEye video calls are AES-256 encrypted. BlueEye uses TLS 1.2 and TLS 1.3 and is always updated with secure cyphers only.
RedZinc is committed to perform regular Penetration Testing to provide fully secure solutions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to set up a BlueEye Handsfree account?2021-09-01T16:16:11+00:00

The BlueEye Handsfree account can be set up within 2 working days. While the BlueEye web application & BlueEye app login credentials are shared over an email, the camera headset, smartphone and accessories are shipped via third party courier services. The normal delivery time is up to 5 working days in Europe and up to 10 working days outside Europe.

What is included in the BlueEye Handsfree subscription?2021-09-01T16:25:03+00:00

One BlueEye Handsfree package includes;

  • Software-as-a-Service Login credentials for the BlueEye app and the BlueEye web application, Future upgrades to the software
  • Hardware- 1 Handsfree camera headset, 1 smartphone, 1 smartphone case, 1 docking clip, 1 lanyard
  • Training material- ‘How to use’ videos, user manual, ‘how to use’ instructions, training/ webinar (on request)
What are the requirements for my computer to be compatible with BlueEye Handsfree?2021-09-01T16:18:19+00:00
  • Latest versions of web browsers (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge or Safari) and operating systems (Android, MacOS, Android).
  • A camera is needed for the video calls which is usually inbuilt in laptop, tablet and smartphones. If using a desktop, a webcam in working condition is needed for the video calls.
  • Web browser should have access to the camera and microphone. This permission is sought when the video calls are initiated.
  • There should be no organisational firewall block preventing the system from using BlueEye Clinic.
What is the minimum internet speed needed on the smartphone network for optimal video quality?2021-09-01T16:19:28+00:00

The smartphone should be connected to a Wi-Fi or cellular network (4G / 5G) with a minimum download speed of 5 MBPS.

How can I get immediate support for my queries related to BlueEye Handsfree?2021-09-01T16:20:17+00:00

While each BlueEye Handsfree subscription comes with a dedicated support system and training material, you can also reach out to us via ‘contact us’ forms on the website www.redzinc.net and RedZinc social media (Twitter & LinkedIn)

Can the BlueEye Handsfree camera be used with some other smartphone than the one that comes with the BlueEye Handsfree package?2021-09-01T16:21:04+00:00

No, the BlueEye Handsfree camera works only with BlueEye app which is pre-installed on the smartphone included in the package.

Is the BlueEye Handsfree upgraded regularly with the new features?2021-09-01T16:21:53+00:00

Yes, we believe the BlueEye Handsfree is a revolutionary solution. We are continuously working on upgrading it with new useful features.

Do I get access to future upgraded versions of the BlueEye web application and BlueEye app with my subscription?2021-09-01T16:22:38+00:00

Yes, we will keep you posted about the new BlueEye we application and BlueEye app features as and when they are released.

Can the video call on the BlueEye Handsfree camera be recorded?2021-09-01T16:23:24+00:00

No, BlueEye web application does not have the recording feature for now and is in compliance with the GDPR and Data Protection regulations.

Is the BlueEye Handsfree camera available in different sizes?2021-09-01T16:24:07+00:00

Yes, the BlueEye Handsfree camera is available in different sizes to accommodate different neck sizes.

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