About Us

RedZinc Services Limited is a software-as-a-service company specialising in a web real-time video communication service for many applications and industries including healthcare, first responder and tele-maintenance among others.

RedZinc has been at the forefront of network telecommunications development since its inception, bringing its expertise in Quality of Service, 5G and network slicing to bear on web real-time video communication product development.

RedZinc’s vision is to bring mobile telemedicine into a new era to improve the lives of patients and healthcare professionals while enhancing operational efficiencies.

RedZinc’s vision is in line with the  European Union’s Research and Innovation Programme goals to secure Europe’s global competitiveness, through research and innovation and tackle societal challenges, such as escalating costs of healthcare in an ageing population. To this end, RedZinc has participated in or managed European wide research projects with the goal of advancing eHealth applications and network technology in order to provide innovative and specialized applications such as real-time video communications and wearable video.

This extensive research and development has been in the areas of 5G networks, Quality of Service, network slicing and software defined networks.

It has resulted in advanced technologies and new products in telemedicine and real time video communications

Our Team

Since its foundation in 2004, RedZinc has been at the leading edge of network telecommunications, developing new technologies and products in Quality of Service, control plane and orchestration management, 5G and network slicing. This led to the deployment of real-time video communications products in healthcare and other industries today.

Donal Morris


Terry O’ Callaghan

Consulting Engineer

Ricardo Figueiredo

Senior Software Engineer

Jeanne Louise Caffrey

Director of Marketing

Rogerio Lima

Software Engineer

Matheus Pompolo

Software Engineer

Laura Diz

Computer Systems Programmer

Val Redmond


Technology and Innovation

RedZinc constantly innovates with network technology, video streaming, QoS and QoE in order to provide customers with new applications such as video streaming. Our vision is ultimately to improve lives and optimise workflow processes and operational efficiency in healthcare and industry using mobile telemedicine.


RedZinc has been innovating in eHealth applications with real time video communications and telemedicine through research and pilots with hospitals and first responders.


RedZinc innovates at the leading edge of network technology, developing technologies for 4G and 5G networks including Quality of Service, network slicing, orchestration, software defined networks and virtual networks functions to provide video performance enhancements and more

Our Partners

RedZinc collaborates with partners in telecommunications, industry, healthcare and research institutions globally in its quest to improve lives and operational efficiencies through using video software-as-a-service as a communications tool