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RedZinc Services, a software company based in Dublin Ireland, specialises in wearable video camera and a web portal to manage real-time video streaming and remote access for healthcare and other industries. RedZinc’s managed video platform, BlueEye, is suitable for clinicians, emergency doctors, paramedics, telemaintenance and public safety.

Our BlueEye platform enables clinics and hospitals to deliver high quality care to patients which results in better patients outcomes, increased efficiencies and reduced operational costs. Live streamed video permits a specialist to see patients or situations remotely, enabling early critical care.

RedZinc technology also enables  service providers to deliver and charge for applications requiring data prioritisation across Public Internet with QoS (quality of service).

Female doctor attending an online conference call with other medical experts on her laptop

BlueEye Clinic

Consult with patients in confidence with our ultra-reliable, secure, easy to use software. We will work with you to customise features of the software according to your needs.

A paramedic wearing smart glasses and body camera

BlueEye Handsfree

Find new ways to see your remote patients and colleagues using our wearable lightweight camera on an ultra-reliable, secure, easy to use platform. This video solution is specifically designed for busy environments.

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irish healthcare 2020 winner

Winning the Irish Healthcare Awards in 2020, RedZinc is transforming the manner in which clinics and hospitals communicate with emergency services, nursing communities and colleagues.

Currently BlueEye is serving hospitals and clinics for emergency departments, mental health, physiotherapists, speech and language, genetics, obstetrics and more as well as small clinics and individual therapists and doctors.

International presence with pilots and services across Europe

Vision & Core Values

RedZinc’s vision is to bring mobile telemedicine into a new era to improve the lives of patients and healthcare professionals while enhancing operational efficiencies.

RedZinc’s vision is in line with the  European Union’s Research and Innovation Programme goals to secure Europe’s global competitiveness, through research and innovation and tackle societal challenges, such as escalating costs of healthcare in an ageing population. To this end, RedZinc has participated in or managed European wide research projects with the goal of advancing eHealth applications and network technology in order to provide innovative and specialized applications such as real-time video communications and wearable video.

This extensive research and development has been in the areas of 5G networks, Quality of Service, network slicing and software defined networks.

It has resulted in advanced technologies and new products in telemedicine and real time video communications

Core Values

Our Team

Donal Morris


Terry O’ Callaghan

Consulting Engineer

Ricardo Figueiredo

Senior Software Engineer

Jeanne Louise Caffrey

Director of Marketing

Rogerio Lima

Software Engineer

Matheus Pompolo

Software Engineer

Gaurav Mongia

Financial Analyst


Program Manager

Lalit Saini

Marketing Consultant

Prince Malik

Financial Analyst

Rahat Alagh

Customer Relationship Manager

Vinícius Guedes

Senior Developer

Our Partners

RedZinc collaborates with partners in telecommunications, industry, healthcare and research institutions globally in its quest to improve lives and operational efficiencies through using video software-as-a-service as a communications tool

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Research and Innovation

RedZinc works with industry and academia worldwide to maintain a leading edge. We constantly innovate in web-based, real-time video communications and point of view wearable video. We aim to provide Quality of Service based mobile video telemedicine and tele-maintenance on WiFi, 4G, and 5G Networks. We also research and develop network technologies to provide the best video experience for our customers. RedZinc has indepth 5G R&D expertise in mobile telemedicine and network slicing.


RedZinc innovates in eHealth applications video streaming and telemedicine through research and pilots with hospitals and first responders.


RedZinc innovates at the leading edge of network technology, developing technologies for 4G and 5G networks including QoS, event charging, network slicing, orchestration, SDN, NVF, video performance enhancements and more.