Simple and Secure Realtime Video Telemedicine solutions

BlueEye is a web-based real-time video communications Service Delivery Platform which connects a medical expert with a remote medical situation via video. There are different configurations of BlueEye possible for different applications.

For Clinics, Hospitals & Healthcare Professionals

BlueEye Clinic

For First Responders

BlueEye Handsfree

Use Cases

There are many industries where web based real time video communicates can be used such as healthcare, industry maintenance and security. BlueEye Direct can be used anywhere that a Video Consultation may be required with a secure real time video connection between one location and another location. BlueEye Handsfree is used in many applications such as emergency medicine,  public safety and tele-maintenance.

Secure video streaming from a doctor or medical professional or helpline, using a laptop, to a patient’s smartphone.​

Point-of-view real time video communication from paramedic to doctor can help with diagnosis, treatment and oversight before the patient reaches hospital.​

Live video footage of the scene streamed to police command centre to get immediate expert advice, targeted back up and incident recording if required.​

On-site technicians can get expert advice, by displaying the faulty equipment or plant status remotely using live wireless video.

Remote students can get firsthand training and education from medical professionals via real time video feed.