Nursing Home Support

The nurses attending to the elderly/ frail patients in Nursing homes and Residential cares, more often than not face a situation when the patient requires an urgent treatment. The nurses, although proficient in primary care, lack medical expertise to treat the patient or decide the further course of action. In such a scenario, patient hospitalization remains the only option which delays the treatment affecting patient outcome.

BlueEye Handsfree addresses this challenge by equipping nurses with a wearable camera headset which allows them to send live point-of-view video of the patient to a remote medical expert. The real-time video and audio enable the medical expert to assess the patient remotely and guide the nurse with the required treatment and further course of action. The medical expert can access the real-time video by simply logging in to BlueEye hot desk from their place of comfort (home/ hospital/ transit).

Key Features

  • Lightweight, ergonomic and portable camera headset for mobile video

  • One-way video from the nurse to the remote medical expert

  • Point-of-view video from the nurse to the remote expert

  • Two-way audio between the nurse and the medical expert for interactive sessions

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Key Benefits

  • Accelerates diagnosis and treatment

  • Point-of-view video enables the medical expert to see the patient from the nurse’s eyes

  • Facilitates timely escalation to Ambulance service or Emergency department for hospital admission

  • Supports treat at scene, avoiding unnecessary conveyance

  • Multiple cost savings lead to improved nursing home operational efficiency

  • Leads to improved patient outcome

  • Mitigates contagion risk for the remote medical expert

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