Invest in the future of Telemedicine

BlueEye solutions, backed by a significant €2.8 million investment from the European Commission, effectively tackle the challenges in the healthcare sector through the implementation of connected paramedic mobile video and home hospital remote monitoring telemedicine. We are currently raising capital to support our sales activities and meet the growing demand for our products and services.

Investing in BlueEye presents a high-potential opportunity, with the potential for significant returns. Our product is built and tested and we have a deep sales pipeline in several European countries. Notably, qualified investors can benefit from EIIS (Employment and Investment Incentive Scheme) tax savings on their investment.

EIIS Investment Opportunity

Company RedZinc Services Limited
Location GEC, Dublin 8, Ireland
Sector Telemedicine
Stage Revenue generating
Company Registration Number 503322
Minimum Investment €5,000
Closing Date 31 December 2023
EIIS Benefits
  • The Employment Investment Incentive Scheme (EIIS) delivers tax savings for investors while enabling SMEs in Ireland to raise investment
  • As an investor you benefit from a 40% tax relief on your investment
  • If you invest €10,000, your actual spend is only €6,000, the remaining €4,000 is refunded to you by Revenue the year following investment
  • The scheme extends to non-earned income sources such as dividends and rental income – it is not restricted to pension contributions
  • The minimum investment period is 4 years
  • Investors should seek independent financial advice before proceeding with an EIIS investment
Company Highlights
  • €4.3m Invested in the business including €2.8m from Horizon 5G Public Private Partnership
  • BlueEye product addressing multiple digital health markets including out patient clinics, connected paramedic, home hospital and social care
  • BlueEye Clinic telehealth is operational in HSE since 2020
  • Approved as a HSE supplier for telemedicine. Winner Irish Healthcare Awards 2020
  • Connected Multiple Paramedic pilots in Europe as part of 5G research projects including (Ireland, Spain, Netherland, Norway, Finland and Turkey)
  • Strong management team and advisory board
To schedule a personal presentation or to receive a prospectus, please email or call
+353 (1) 906 9608
Healthcare Challenge

The healthcare sector is currently facing a global challenge characterized by increasing demand, a shortage of staff and rising costs. Hospitals in particular, are experiencing congestion and inefficient solutions, making them the most expensive care option. Hospitals often struggle with capacity issues, leading to long waitlists for patients in need.In addition, emergency services use outdated communications, relying on 20-year-old 2G technology, while industry is using video and 5G networks.


To address these challenges, patient-centric, shared care models aim to deliver better outcomes at lower cost. Hospitals are actively exploring home hospital implementation, where patients can receive quality care at home. Furthermore, many ambulance services are piloting connected ambulance technology. By leveraging modern technology and connectivity, ambulances can enhance communication, streamline data sharing, and improve coordination with hospitals and other healthcare providers. This technology integration in emergency services improves emergency response times and overall patient care.