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In emergency situations, paramedics can face numerous challenges including a lack of specialized medical expertise, limited technical resources and the need for immediate expert guidance. Addressing these challenges is crucial for optimal patient care and outcomes. Consequently, innovative solutions are essential for supporting emergency services effectively.

Challenges in Emergency Medical Care

Paramedics encounter situations where they need to make decisions rapidly. Consequently, real-time guidance from medical experts would be invaluable. Furthermore, with traditional 2G voice-only communications, the medical expert cannot see the patient or their vital signs. Consequently, the paramedic must spend valuable time describing the emergency in words. This emphasises the necessity for innovative supportive solutions for emergency services.

Mission-Critical Video with wearable patch Sensors

One ideal solution is mission-critical video with wearable patch sensors. This involves connecting paramedics through transmission of mission-critical video and patient vital signs to remote medical experts. The use of live video and biometric sensor information allows experts to visually and clinically assess the emergency and thereby provide faster guidance.

Introducing BlueEye Handsfree and Green Box sensor kits for mission-critical video

BlueEye Handsfree is a wearable video solution designed to transmit real-time point-of-view video from paramedics to remote medical experts. The Green Box is a biometric sensor kit customizable for patient needs. The BlueEye cloud-based platform comprises a high-definition mobile wearable camera and mobile application for the paramedic, patient biometric sensors and a browser-based software dashboard for the remote expert.

Key Features and Benefits of BlueEye Handsfree video
  • Mobile network/WiFi compatible
  • Lightweight mobile wearable HD camera for live video
  • Two-Way audio between paramedics and medical experts
  • Lightweight camera with point of view video
  • Access the live video on any browser
  • Slicing and Prioritization allocates video quality bandwidth to emergency traffic

Improved Patient Care – Live video allows remote medical experts to virtually assess the emergency scene, providing valuable insights for better-informed decisions.

Enhanced Patient Outcomes – Timely expert guidance contributes to improved patient outcomes, as paramedics can assess and treat effectively.

Integration of mission-critical video with Biometric Sensors

BlueEye Handsfree mission-critical video integrates with Green Box portable biometric sensors. These sensors, designed for measuring vital signs like heart rate, respiration rate, and blood pressure, offer a lightweight and efficient alternative to current bulky equipment.

Key Benefits of Biometric Sensors

Portability – Compact and lightweight, biometric sensors are easily carried and applied by paramedics, with Bluetooth connection to a mobile app enabling continuous monitoring without hindering mobility.

Continuous Monitoring – The sensors support continuous monitoring of patient vital signs during transportation to the appropriate hospital or care facility, ensuring ongoing care.

Key Benefits of Mission-Critical Video with Biometric Sensors

Mobile Healthcare Providers – Integrating live video and biometric sensors transforms ambulance services into mobile healthcare providers, delivering advanced medical care on the go.

Improved Patient Care – Real-time transmission of vital information, coupled with continuous monitoring, significantly enhances the level of care provided to patients.

Enhanced Patient Outcomes – Immediate access to expert guidance and continuous monitoring contribute to improved patient outcomes, reducing the risk of complications.


The combination of BlueEye Handsfree’s mission-critical video technology and portable biometric sensors represents a groundbreaking advancement in emergency healthcare. By providing paramedics with immediate access to expert guidance and continuous vital sign monitoring, this integrated solution offers unparalleled benefits, revolutionizing the landscape of emergency medical care.

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