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What is a Clinic Manager?

A Clinic Manager maintains responsibility for all administrative aspects of a clinical facility. In many cases, a clinic manager is responsible for scheduling and managing patient appointments for healthcare professionals, and promptly addressing any issues that may arise during these appointments. In our continuous effort to enhance BlueEye Clinic’s user-friendliness, we proudly introduce the Clinic Manager Account.

What is BlueEye Clinic?

RedZinc’s BlueEye Clinic is a virtual clinic for the healthcare professionals to schedule, manage and conduct video appointments with their patients. BlueEye Clinic has been developed with a vision to replicate the experience of an in-person consultation to online video consultation. BlueEye Clinic offers a unique waiting room experience, catering to both personal and shared preferences. The personal waiting room allows patients to patiently await their clinician’s arrival, mirroring the experience of a physical clinic. Accessible exclusively to the clinician and the clinical manager in charge, it provides a secure environment for patients.

On the other hand, Common waiting rooms, known as Shared Clinics in BlueEye, can be accessed by multiple clinicians and clinical managers with appropriate permissions. More about types of waiting rooms here.

Clinic manager account in BlueEye Clinic

With this dedicated account, Clinic Managers gain access to a range of features and functionalities in BlueEye that enable them to:

  • Manage personal video clinic – The Clinic Manager can now manage video appointments using a Clinic Manager account. They can access the clinic’s scheduled video appointments, monitor appointments, add new appointments, change clinic open times. They can also start the scheduled video consultations with patients in the waiting room.
  • Manage personal video clinic calendar – The Clinic Manager can manage the clinic calendar. This includes adding new appointments, making edits to upcoming appointments, and reviewing the details of past appointments.
  • Manage shared clinics – A shared video clinic is for multiple clinics and clinicians. A Clinic Manager can create new shared clinics or modify existing ones. They can assign shared clinic access to specific user groups or individuals. Customising shared clinic open times and securing them when necessary is also within their control.
  • Manage shared clinic calendars – A Clinic Manager can log into the calendar of shared clinics under their purview. They can add new appointments, make edits to upcoming appointments, and access details of past appointments.

Benefits of Clinic Manager Account

A Clinic Manager account offers the following benefits:

  • Reduces clinician administration – A Clinic Manager account enables administrative support and frees up clinician time to focus on patient care.
  • Efficient appointment management – Clinic Manager ensures that patient appointments are scheduled, organized, and managed effectively, reducing wait times and improving patient satisfaction.
  • Better patient care coordination – A Clinic manager monitoring patient care plans can ensure that patients receive appropriate follow-up, leading to better health outcomes. Where applicable, a clinic manage can follow up with patients on behalf of the clinician.
  • Attend patient video consultations – A clinic manager can attend video appointments with patients, where the clinician is unavailable. The clinic manager can collect/share information with patients, as directed by the clinician.

Demo and Feedback

We’re excited to showcase this new feature to you and your team. Reach out to us at, and we’ll be more than happy to organize a demo. Your feedback is invaluable to us, so please give this feature a try and let us know your thoughts.