Nursing Education

Nurse education focuses on educating students on how to administer different medicines, how to examine patients and how to deliver best service to the patients under different specialisations. It requires providing theoretical and practical training to the students to prepare them for their nursing duties.

BlueEye Classroom is an integrated solution, comprising a wearable camera and a cloud-based video service delivery platform to deliver both theoretical as well as practical training to the remote students.

Key Features

  • Lightweight, ergonomic and portable camera headset for mobile video

  • No need for the students to download an app or software

  • One-way video from the nurse educator to the remote students

  • Point-of-view video for remote students

  • Two-way audio between the educator and the medical experts for interactive sessions

  • Moderator function to schedule and manage live classes

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Key Benefits

  • Enables remote nurse education enabling educating students across the world

  • Point-of-view video enables all the remote students to see the patient/ procedure through the educator’s eyes

  • Mitigates challenges associated with congregation of many students in one place

  • Multiple cost savings leads to Improved operational efficiency

  • Mitigates contagion risk and enhances convenience for all the participants

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