When acute patients arrive in an emergency room, often a specialist doctor is required to support the emergency team in the resuscitation room. But the specialist doctor may be in a different location, on another hospital campus building or at home at night. Time is of the utmost importance in the case of emergency situations, hence it becomes extremely critical to get instant support for the doctors/ nurses attending to the patient.

BlueEye Handsfree addresses this challenge via a wearable video platform comprising a lightweight, wearable camera integrated with a cloud-based video platform.

The doctor or nurse, attending to the patient in the emergency resuscitation room, wears the lightweight BlueEye camera near their temple. The camera sends live video of what the doctor/ nurse sees to the remote specialist doctor who can access the point-of-view video by simply logging in to a web portal.

Key Features

The wearable video platform facilitates one-way video from the resuscitation room to the remote specialist doctor allowing the resuscitation team to focus on the patient treatment while taking instructions, inputs from the remote expert. The wearable camera near the wearer’s eyes allows the remote expert doctor to see the patient treatment from the wearer’s eyes. The two-way audio supports effective coordination between the resuscitation team and the remote expert doctor.

Key Benefits

  • Expedites patient resuscitation

  • Enhances situational awareness for the remote medical expert via ‘point-of view’ video
  • Accelerates the time for engagement with a remote specialist with the emergency patient in the resuscitation room
  • Eliminates the need for travel by the support doctor, resulting in cost and time savings
  • Improves acute patient outcome

Wearable, mobile, lightweight camera for point-of-view video

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Cloud-based video platform for remote specialist doctor to access live video

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