BlueEye Handsfree supports ward rounds by enabling the healthcare professional visiting multiple patients to avail of support from the remote medical expert(s) with the help of a wearable camera and a secure cloud-based video platform.

The premise is that the doctor on the ward round wears BlueEye Handsfree camera near their temple and relays point-of-view video to the cloud-based BlueEye web application. The remote medical expert accesses the real-time video by logging in to the secure BlueEye web application. BlueEye Handsfree is easy to use, secure and supports multiple device types, browsers and operating systems.

Key Outcomes

  • Lightweight, wearable, portable camera for mobile video

  • Secure BlueEye app and web application for video streaming

  • One-way video from the ward to the remote medical expert

  • Two-way audio for interactive session

  • No eye obstruction for the camera user

  • ‘You see what I see’ video from the ward to the remote medical expert

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Key Benefits

  • Expedites patient treatment

  • Point-of-view video enables remote medical expert to see the patients from ward doctor’s eyes

  • Improves patient outcome & enhances hospital operational efficiency

  • Avoids contagion risk associated with group of doctors on ward rounds

  • Eliminates need for travel by the support doctor, resulting in cost and time savings

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