Searcher Support by Remote Commander

When it comes to Urban Search and Rescue operations, every second is crucial. A delayed or inefficient decision-making may result in irrecoverable losses.

The searcher wears the lightweight camera near their temple and connects it with a smartphone for mobile connection. BlueEye app in the smartphone allows the searcher to relay live video to a remote scene commander. The remote commander logs in to secure BlueEye web application to access the real-time video with searcher’s point of view.

This allows the remote commander to immerse themselves in the situation and command the on-field searcher for quicker and more efficient decision-making.

Similarly, the real-time point-of-view video can also be accessed by a remote medical expert to support the first responder with primary treatment of a victim.

Key Benefits

  • Supports quicker and more efficient decision-making

  • Facilitates command from the experienced scene commander to the searcher

  • Accelerates victim treatment

  • Facilitates multiple eyes looking at the situation resulting in improved outcomes

  • Eliminates the need for travel resulting cost savings

Lightweight, ergonomic and portable camera for mobile video

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Point-of-view video for remote commander

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