BlueEye Handsfree for Smart Cities

A key part of Smart Cities is efficient utilization of its resources including first responders and healthcare professionals.

BlueEye Handsfree enables the healthcare professional and first responders dealing with a situation to avail of support from remote experts with the help of a wearable camera and a cloud-based video streaming platform.

BlueEye Handsfree supports limiting the unnecessary conveyance of first responders and healthcare professionals, which results in multiple cost savings, reduced carbon emission, and improved operational efficiency.

Key Benefits

  • Enables live demonstration of ward rounds to a group of remote students/ trainee doctors

  • Mitigates contagion risk associated with group of students on ward rounds

  • Eliminates need for travel by the students, resulting in cost and time savings

  • Point-of-view video provides optimal view of the procedure to many students

  • Improves operational efficiency and convenience

  • Supports medical schools/ institutes in furthering their education reach to students abroad

Lightweight, ergonomic and portable camera for mobile video

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Point-of-view video for remote commander

unnamed BlueEye Handsfree for Smart Cities | RedZinc Services

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