Why BlueEye Handsfree?

For a stroke patient ‘time is brain tissue’ and for a heart attack patient ‘time is heart muscle’. BlueEye Handsfree allows point of view video from the paramedic to ‘immerse’ the hospital-bound doctor in the remote scene resulting in quicker delivery of, for example, clot busting drugs which can benefit patient outcome.

Key Benefits

  • Supports earlier diagnosis and treatment of patient

  • Accelerates pre-hospital decision-making and productivity

  • Optimises hospital routing decisions

  • Increases operational efficiencies in ambulance and hospital service deliveries

  • Saves hospital and ambulance resources

  • Multiple cost savings through higher efficiencies

Lightweight, ergonomic and portable camera for mobile video

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Point-of-view video for remote commander

unnamed Paramedic Use Case | RedZinc Services

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31-1 Paramedic Use Case | RedZinc Services