Key Benefits

  • Helps police and firefighters to troubleshoot incidents by streaming live video from the site back to the command centre

  • Enables an ‘emergency video 999’ call to provide on-scene video information of a new incident

  • Enables sharing of video and data via the first responder between fire/ ambulance/ police operations in a combined response incident

  • Increases operational efficiencies in ambulance and hospital service deliveries

  • Providing live help via oversight, diagnosis and management to the site of a problem increases response time and enables more efficient work processes manner in any ‘hot’ situation

  • Recording of incidents can protect the first responder and the public in cases of dispute

  • Wearable video camera mountable and a hands free point of view video headset enables technical expert to see remotely and in real-time point of view streaming

  • Belt mounted 4G wearable module with long life battery for a long work shift on site

Lightweight, ergonomic and portable camera for mobile video

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Point-of-view video for remote commander

unnamed Public Safety Use Case | RedZinc Services

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