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BlueEye Handsfree Classroom for remote interactive medical education and training

BlueEye Handsfree Classroom is a model variation of BlueEye Handsfree – specifically designed for use in medical education and training.

BlueEye Handsfree Classroom facilitates live demonstration of a medical action or procedure, performed by a medical professor, to a group of remote students via video.

Why BlueEye Handsfree Classroom?

Medical training often requires live demonstration of a medical action or procedure which requires a teaching professor and a group of students or trainee doctors in a hospital. Groups of medical students and colleagues in hospitals present numerous challenges such as

  1. Contagion risks
  2. Difficulties in accommodating large groups in small hospital rooms
  3. Disturbance and inconvenience to the patients or other hospital staff
  4. Unsatisfactory view of the procedure for the students
BlueEye Handsfree Classroom addresses these challenges by offering a wearable, portable headset with integrated HD camera for capturing live video and a cloud-based web portal for live video streaming and remote access.
How it works
Medical doctor seeing a patient while wearing BlueEye Handsfree and the live video being watched by remote students

Key Features

Key Outcomes

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