BlueEye Direct - Vitualised Outpatient Clinic for hospitals

BlueEye Direct Video is a secure mobile video platform for real-time communications which can be used on WiFi or on the public 4G network. BlueEye Direct Video uses webRTC for real-time video communications between two devices.
BlueEye Direct Video can be used as a virtualised outpatient clinic for hospitals or indeed, a clinic for any professional such as nurses, therapists and clinicians.The video service is very easy for both the patient and professional to use for a secure video call.The healthcare professional simply logs in and can send a link to the patient’s smartphone. The patient will have arranged the appointment for a video consultation and at the time of the appointment, simply clicks the received link to initiate the video call with the doctor or nurse or therapist.

1. Enter Patient’s phone number
Click “CALL”

3. Patient receives SMS message/ email with a link

4. Patient clicks on link & gives consent to the video call by authorising access to their phone’s microphone & camera

5. Video stream starts instantly

Remember to turn up your sound to hear the patient
Click “End Call” to close the connection with the patient

The healthcare professional can see the patient in their own surroundings and assess or treat the patient without either person needing to travel. It is ideal for follow up consultations or where there is any risk of exposure to a contagious disease such as coronavirus.

Virtual Outpatient Clinic

BlueEye Direct operates as a virtualised outpatient clinic. The healthcare professional sends a video link to the patient. When the patient clicks on the link, a video call is initiated with the clinician, nurse or therapist.

Data Security

The video is encrypted, not recorded and there is minimal personal data used to set up the video. The link is sent just before the time of the call so there is little risk of outside interference. Data is not provided to any third party nor is the data used for marketing.

Instantaneous Video

The video call is instantaneous once the patient clicks on the link and the doctor joins the call.

All BlueEye solutions comply with GDPR and HSE standards. All BlueEye data is AES-256 encrypted. BlueEye uses TLS 1.2 and TLS 1.3 and is always updated with secure cyphers only. RedZinc is committed to perform regular Penetration Testing to provide fully secure products.

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