BlueEye Handsfree - Emergency Teleconsultation Platform

BlueEye Handsfree is a wearable, mobile, point-of-view, wireless video Service Delivery Platform. BlueEye connects the emergency doctor in the hospital with the paramedic at a remote patient site. 

The paramedic wears a video camera near his temple which sends live video to the hospital. The ergonomic design and lightweight hardware makes the video camera easy to wear and use in an emergency. The doctor in the hospital can see the patient during the critical golden hour, giving senior medical support and help with pre-hospital diagnosis, treatment and oversight. The doctor can also speak with the paramedic and patient.


BlueEye Handsfree is a synthesis of all the necessary technical ingredients to provide a complete solution for first responders to communicate by wearable video. The solution consists of video headset or video glasses with integrated high-definition camera, using a smartphone for mobile connection.

Wearable Camera

RedZinc has designed dedicated lightweight camera which is ergonomically suited to mobile working environment and sits on the head (using headset or safety glasses). It is light weight and comfortable. The BlueEye camera headset/ glasses does not impact the vision of the user unlike some augmented reality and other devices with screens.

Public Wireless

The BlueEye platform is designed to today’s 4G public wireless and the coming 5G networks which are expected to launch in 2020 in the mass market. The platform also supports the upcoming ambition for emergency networks to support video. BlueEye works with public wireless and is independent of local wifi networks.

Network Slicing

The BlueEye platform uses Network Slicing, a disruptive telecoms infrastructure innovation. New public wireless networks are using slicing, in an agile way, with software replacing inflexible hardware-based networks giving privacy and quality of service to each customer. Slicing reduces infrastructure deployment time and costs. RedZinc uses the plug and play approach in network slicing to rapidly launch evolving feature requirements for customers into the 5G network.

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