BlueEye Clinic- Virtual Clinic for Healthcare Professionals

BlueEye Clinic is a virtual clinic for healthcare professionals with an online experience of real-life consultations. BlueEye Clinic can be used for any clinic situation where a clinician or therapist speaks to a remote patient or client using video. 

Key Features​

No app download needed

The patients do not need to download an app or a software in order to get connected over the video calls..

Appointment management system

The appointment management system allows the healthcare professionals to schedule and manage the patient appointments.

Multi-party calls

The multi-party feature allows to conduct multi-party calls with other healthcare professionals or with the patients.

Secure and private video calls

The video calls are encrypted, not recorded and use minimal personal data for set up.

Chat and screen share

The platform provides the chat and screen share functions allowing the participants to chat and share documents with other participants during the video call.

Ease of use

The user-friendly functions make the platform easy to use for the healthcare professionals. The patients get connected on the video calls via a single click on the secure video link.

Secure Data

BlueEye Solutions comply with the GDPR and Data Protections regulations. All BlueEye video calls are AES-256 encrypted. BlueEye uses TLS 1.2 and TLS 1.3 and is always updated with secure cyphers only.
RedZinc is committed to perform regular Penetration Testing to provide fully secure solutions.

How it works?

1. Healthcare professional schedules an appointment

The healthcare professional logs in to the BlueEye Clinic portal and schedules an appointment with a patient.

2. Patient receives the secure video link

5 Minutes before the scheduled appointment time, the patient receives a secure video link via a text message and/ or email.

3. Patient enters waiting room

The patient clicks on the video link and enters the waiting room. The video call gets connected when the healthcare professional joins the patient in the waiting room.


BlueEye Clinic for video consultation

Monthly Subscription

€ 34 + VAT

per user per month

Billed monthly

BlueEye Clinic for video consultation

Pay As You Go

€ 1 + VAT

+ Transaction charges*

Per video call

*Each transaction involves a bank charge
1.4% + €0.25 for European bank cards
2.9% + €0.25 for non-European bank cards

For contracts involving more than 10 users, please contact us using the form below.

Use Cases​

BlueEye Clinic can be used in multiple ways. Some of the use cases where it has been successfully tested and piloted are:

Emergency Services

Instantaneous video from the emergency caller to the Emergency call center allowing quicker and more efficient decision-making

Outpatient Clinics

Virtual Clinic for outpatient clinicians to schedule and manage video appointments with their patients


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