Donal Morris, CEO of RedZinc speaks about Wearable Video for Paramedics in the telemedicine healthcare sector. RedZinc is a partner in the 5G-HEART project which is piloting numerous exciting new applications in healthcare, transport and aquaculture with new 5G networks.

Within this multi-national project RedZinc is piloting its BlueEye Handsfree wearable video headset with high definition camera, working with telecommunications partners Telenor, Norway and TNO and Phillips Healthcare, Netherlands. The BlueEye Handsfree video platform allows a paramedic to ask for medical expertise by showing the remote patient to a medical expert in the hospital.

Donal also talks about eHealth applications that are driving 5G and describes the wearable video pilots with Oslo Ambulance Service, Oslo University Hospital and AmbulanceZorg Groningen on 4G and 5G networks. You can watch Donal from minute 55 in this webinar recording!