RedZinc has organically developed the BlueEye platform through a rich and deep R&D history and has funded the operations with more than €2 million of non-dilutive grants from European Commission. The product is technically stable and has demonstrated strong demand in the market, this means that we are able to successfully mitigate any technical risk.

RedZinc plans to capitalize the early mover advantage by being the only provider of the wearable camera enabled with real-time video support to healthcare professionals. We add value for the users by winning time, improving patient outcome and operational efficiency, thereby reducing operational cost for the users.

So, below are the key points that make RedZinc your top investment

  • The Team has 100+ years of experience in in the healthcare and technology sectors
  • The product is developed through grants from Horizon 2020 biggest research and innovative programme for Health
  • The product has won numerous pilots and production customers
  • Existing revenue over €500,000
  • Partners such as Telenor, HSE, Active Pilots across Europe
  • Investors can avail of the 40% tax rate rebate available under the EIIS scheme
  • Competitive Advantage: Cutting-edge wearable ergonomics, Necessary Features for Healthcare industry, End to end Solution
  • Significant market opportunity with TAM: €38 billion, SAM: €1.4 billion

RedZinc is not just an R&D story but provides huge scalability potential supported by significant market opportunity, deep sales pipeline, strong market demand, and an experienced team.