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One of the main benefits of Virtual Wards is that they allow healthcare providers to monitor and care for certain patient cohorts in their own homes, rather than using hospital resources. This not only frees up beds for more urgent cases, but also helps to reduce the risk of hospital-acquired infections and other complications.

Home Hospital for Patients

With Home Hospital or Virtual Wards, patients can receive regular check-ins and assessments from a team of healthcare professionals, who provide advice, medication management and other forms of support as needed. This can be suitable for chronic pain management, for elderly/frail care, for respiratory patients, for hospital admission avoidance, for early hospital discharge and many more use cases.

Community Based Care

Virtual Wards have the potential to transform the way we think about healthcare delivery. By leveraging high-tech solutions like remote monitoring and telemedicine, we can help to move patient care into the community, improve patient care and outcomes, reduce the strain on healthcare resources and deliver more efficient and cost-effective care.

Reduces Healthcare Costs

Another benefit of Virtual Wards is that they can help to reduce the overall cost of healthcare. By keeping patients out of the hospital, Virtual Wards can help to reduce the strain on healthcare resources, while also providing a more cost-effective alternative to traditional hospital care. Additionally, Virtual Wards can help to prevent unnecessary readmissions, which can be a major driver of healthcare costs. UMass Memorial estimate the reduction in cost is as much as 11% compared to the cost of a physical hospital bed.

Innovative Solutions in the Healthcare System

Virtual Wards are just one example of how technology can be used to solve some of the biggest challenges facing the healthcare system today. As we continue to explore new and innovative solutions, we have the opportunity to create a brighter future for patients, providers, and healthcare systems around the world.

BlueEye Virtual Ward is an integrated turnkey platform from RedZinc, consisting of wearable sensors, video technology and software platform to monitor and deliver care to the patients at home.

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