That Great Business Show Podcast with Conall O Moran

Conall O Morain together with co-host Professor Martin Curley interviews a sample of the First 25 companies recognised by the HSE for innovative solutions to help digitise the healthcare system in Ireland. Prof Curley of HSE Digital Transformation is standing up a health and wellness system with focus on the patient and staying out of hospital in the home. The policy is “Stay left shift left” in other words keep people at home and if they have to go to hospital get them back home as quickly as possible.

Innovation in radiology

First up in the show are leading radiologists John Sheehan and Ronan Killeen – the “Happy Pair” of Radiology! Dr Killeen of Xwave, a referral platform which helps clinicians make the best referral decision for each patient and supports hospital-based radiology. Dr Sheehan of MMD mobile medical devices provides xrays in a mobile environment in the community and hospices. These solutions can reduce waiting lists caused by delays in tests and diagnosis.

Stay Left Shift Left

Prof Curley said what is needed to implement the Stay Left Shift Left policy is a combination of political decision and a Digital Health Agency institute. Robert Watt Secretary General of the Department of Health is working to progress the state of the healthcare system in Ireland and is a supporter of digitisation.

Healthcare platforms innovation

Next are Dr Ann Short and Dermot Short of Full Health Medical intelligence software. This software can be used in place of a GP medical and explains medical data in a clear format. The idea is to proactively screen people to keep them well and empower them to look after their own health. It can be scaled up with other qualified medical professional such as pharmacies who have a room for patients to help screen them with a 15 minutes deep dive into the patient’s health. This is fantastic as there is a shortage of 2000 GPs in Ireland. We have to find illnesses before they hit the emergency departments.

Una Kearns of myPatientSpace came next. myPatientSpace is a digital health platform which digitizes healthcare workflows and enables remote patient management at scale. It can be used to roll out solutions cheaper with higher quality and with different diseases e.g. renal, oncology, respiratory, sleep apnoea and language. In Donegal, myPatientSpace are working with PMD Solutions to monitor respiratory patients at home and treating preventatively instead of being hospitalised 5 or 6 times a year.

BlueEye video telemedicine innovation

Lastly, Donal Morris of RedZinc, real-time video telecommunications products for healthcare and security. BlueEye video is a teleconsultation cloud-based platform with a mobile wearable camera and a healthcare portal which enables many different applications. The innovative telecommunications wearable video innovation is for remote healthcare professionals such as paramedics and community nurses as well as in-hospital. The technology can be used for medical education where the student can see what the teaching professor can see.

Video telemedicine can be used in pre-hospital emergencies and community nurses going to frail elderly in homes – with support of remote medical expertise – can be used to assess patient; and in low acuity cases treat at scene, and in high acuity cases begin treatment and bring to a specialised hospital or department.

RedZinc continues to develop integrated solutions which places video at the centre of patient care and can be used to accelerate preventative and stay at home care for patients by treating remotely.

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About RedZinc

RedZinc’s wearable video platform empowers emergency doctors, paramedics and community nurses to make better decisions faster by bringing prioritised real time video from remote patients to specialist doctor/healthcare professionals. The high-definition video is streamed over public 4G/5G network or WiFi via RedZinc’s secure cloud. The benefits are improved patient outcomes, reduced bed waiting lists, reduced ambulance transfers and hospital and ambulance cost savings. Follow RedZinc on Twitter and LinkedIn.