UNGA77, NEW YORK – 26 September 2022

United Nations General Assembly 77 Science Summit

RedZinc is proud to be part of the 77th United Nations General Assembly. There were many excellent speakers, nearly fifty in total, and the event was turbo charged. There were a diverse range of digital health topics from digital devices and digital solutions to economics and policy and practical steps to make digital health happen.

One of our favorites was the principles of binary adoption of digital health by Prof Matthew Mularkey of the University of South Florida. Binary adoption will give better digital health using an agile approach.

UNGA77-attendees-26-Sept RedZinc presents at United Nations General Assembly (UNGA77) Science Summit | RedZinc Services Donal-New-York-UNGA-Sept-22-scaled RedZinc presents at United Nations General Assembly (UNGA77) Science Summit | RedZinc Services

Digital Health Agency

The investment targets of the digital health agency in New Zealand is a clear goal for underpinning improved patient outcome and the fantastic simplicity that digital health is for the people, the people and the people. Targets to investing 6% of national healthcare spend in digital health is a strong benchmark to bring digital investment in line with other sectors. Thanks Ryl Jensen of the New Zealand Digital Health Agency for the investment target and thanks to Charles Larkin of Bath University Institute for Policy Research for providing the healthcare economics context.

Dale Shim of Mayo Clinic was talking about accelerating AI for Clinical Practice and Ghada Trotabas Siemens Healthineers had a fantastic of presentation on digital twins in health care. Caroline Whelan of Blackrock Healthcare Group had great insights into value-based healthcare.

Ann Mond Johnson of the American Telemedicine Association presented a great set of policy principles as the foundations for digital health as well offering a framework for eliminating health disparities using telehealth.

Also Mary Carbajal of B1OS has a great solution for health equity and literacy and Yoona Kim of Arine using medication optimization to reduce cost of care.

RedZinc is a First 25 company to watch in healthcare in Ireland

It was a privilege for RedZinc and our BlueEye mobile video telemedicine solution be showcased as one of the First 25 companies in Ireland to watch in healthcare. RedZinc is one of Ireland’s First 25 with the HSE. Great also to share the First 25 with Donal Bailey of Centric Health and other great companies such as Sonia Neary of Wellola, Una Kearns of myPatientSpace, Myles Murray of PMD Solutions and Aoife Ní Mhuirí of Salaso Health Solutions.

The role and contribution of science to attaining the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) was a central theme of the Summit. Donal Morris spoke about reducing carbon emissions as well as facilitating the aims of enhancing quality of patient care 10 X through the use of mobile video telemedicine connecting mobile paramedics and nurses with remote experts.

HSE Stay Left Shift Left 10X Strategy

A Digital Health manifesto from the UNGA was agreed Digital Health and this will be published soon. I have gotten great help from Charles Larkin, Mary Carbajal and Carolyn Gullery with coordinating the manifesto and we hope to see it published soon.

The HSE’s Stay Left Shift Left 10x strategy, where care is shifted left from acute care to community settings to home settings, aims to enhance quality of care and leverage innovation and data to meet healthcare challenges with new technologies and approaches with 10x performance gains.

Irish Digital Health Leadership Steering Group

The Irish Digital Health Leadership Steering Group (IDHLSG), a group of Irish and international leaders (clinicians, patients, CEOs, Academics, policy makers) has a plan to lead the transformation of Ireland’s Health system through digital technologies with 10X results.

Healthcare Digitalisation

Ultimately digitalisation in health means better quality of care, preventative care and improved patient outcomes with benefits for all.

Thanks Martin Curley and John Sheehan for the amazing vision to make this happen. Thanks , Donal Kenneally for hosting the meeting at Ireland’s mission to the UN. And Michael Dowling for excellent hospitality at Northwell Health.

About RedZinc

RedZinc’s wearable video platform empowers emergency doctors, paramedics and community nurses to make better decisions faster by bringing prioritised real time video from remote patients to specialist doctor/healthcare professionals. The high-definition video is streamed over public 4G/5G network or WiFi via RedZinc’s secure cloud. The benefits are improved patient outcomes, reduced bed waiting lists, reduced ambulance transfers and hospital and ambulance cost savings. Follow RedZinc on Twitter and LinkedIn.