Open Innovation is about collaboration, co-creation, shared value, innovation ecosystems, new technologies and rapid adoption.* Telecommunications allow us to connect and collaborate on a scale never seen before. Collaboration across different teams and industries and mindsets is so important to innovation and we have now so many new ways to collaborate. Cocreation is a form of collaborative innovation where ideas are shared and improved together. Telenor states “co-creation is where companies learn from customers and customers are key-resources in the value creation.“**

Both customers and service providers gain shared value from co-creating new services using new technologies. User experience is a compelling driver for innovation. Innovation ecosystems can be made up of users, business partners, service providers, entrepreneurs. Companies focussed on user experience will succeed as the shared value is a central tenet to the new service.

The EU HORIZON work programme has enabled open innovation where business, academia, and government sectors join together to drive change and provide benefits to society above and beyond what a single entity could achieve on their own. The vision of collaborative research is expediting innovation and increasing competitiveness for European society.

New technologies such as 5G and advanced 5G/6G provide the potential for new, faster applications and rapid adoption of new services which have a value for customers and industry and society as a whole. The open standards produced by 3GPP have enabled a global market for mobile wireless communications and 5G is another example of the benefits of an open innovation approach. As a result there are 5.2bn users served with public wireless from 750 operators globally.

Healthcare is a special category and a good healthcare system underpins the prosperity of a society and drives sustainability. Collaboration between healthcare and telecommunications and entrepreneurs leads to new accelerated value for citizens and business through the co-creation process.

RedZinc have a proud 18 year history in open innovation in digital technology. We have worked in several 5G projects where openness is core to innovation. We have promoted co-creation in piloting our new wearable video solutions in hospitals across Europe in Spain, Netherlands, Germany, Finland, Sweden, Norway and Ireland.

During this collaborative process, many new applications and features have been requested by clinician users of the video technology. Indeed, at the start of the pandemic, a new video product category was developed and rapidly deployed to support remote outpatient clinics. Applications such as virtual ward rounds, medical training, emergency triage response, emergency call centre video to name a few that have been identified.

RedZinc now supports 6G Industry Association where again open innovation will be central for the 6G market which is expected to arrive in 2030. We continue to work with open innovation and collaboration, improving patient outcome and increasing efficiency for the betterment of healthcare and society.