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Dublin, April 2020

RedZinc Services, a mobile video telehealth specialist, were asked by the Irish Health Service Executive (HSE), to rapidly deploy their remote video consultation platform, BlueEye Clinic Direct, to replace face-to-face consultations for healthcare professionals. This was a key part of the national campaign to help slow down the spread of COVID-19 infection while facilitating people in need of nonemergency medical attention to remain in their homes during the lockdown.

During the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, the strain on clinical medical resources and healthcare professionals has been considerable. Urgent innovative actions were required to isolate the infection and to protect healthcare professionals and citizens alike. RedZinc provided a Virtualised Clinic called BlueEye Direct Video, using real-time web RTC communications technology, so healthcare professionals could see their patients remotely. The service allows healthcare professionals to set up an instantaneous video consultation with a patient on their smartphone, using encrypted secure data. It is very easy for the patient to use, with no set up or app installation required. Data protection is a central tenet of the video service for patients and clinicians, to ensure utmost privacy and security.

Direct-Video-Header-min-1024x683 RedZinc deploys BlueEye Direct Video for Virtual Clinics in HSE | RedZinc Services

“Our team wanted to help in any way we could when the COVID-19 healthcare crisis hit Ireland. We are delighted to have been able to accelerate the deployment of BlueEye Direct Video to help healthcare professionals carry out their job safely,” Donal Morris, CEO of RedZinc.

“RedZinc were able to respond quickly and got a solution in place in a matter of days. BlueEye Clinic Direct Video service has been a life saver for healthcare professionals needing to see their patients in extreme circumstances, where a face-to-face meeting was simply not possible due to the pandemic constraints”, Martin Curley, Director, Digital Transformation and Open Innovation, HSE Ireland. Further information on BlueEye Clinic can be viewed on the HSE website.

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