Telemedicine for healthcare during Covid-19 and beyond

DUBLIN – April 2020

With the difficult circumstances surrounding COVID-19 crisis, the health service is facing unprecedented challenges.

Physical distancing is the new norm in the pandemic that is stretching across the globe. People are required to work from home where they can and those who are ill with the virus are required to call in rather than go to their doctor. But what about those patients who need to see their doctor for other reasons but do not wish to present at clinic for fear of contagion? And what about the protection of the healthcare workers in cases where they do not need to be in the same room as the patient in order to treat and progress the patient health? As the all-important “curve” (epidemiological model for understanding disease outbreaks) is closely monitored, it is as yet unknown when we can expect normality to resume or how gradual it will be and this depends largely on the curve.

Increasingly doctors are evaluating alternative methods for conducting consultations with their patients such as video calling. A secure, stable and easy to use video-streaming solution that enables medical staff to remotely assess and diagnose patients, even if quarantined, is needed more than ever.

BlueEye Direct Video from RedZinc allows healthcare professionals to provide secure video consultations while remaining remote during the Covid-19 crisis.

The benefits of BlueEye Direct Video are:

  • Simple for patient to use – no app or set up required, just to click on a text message
  • Simple for the medical professional to use – just type in the patient’s mobile number
  • Encrypted and secure service that does not allow personal data to be used for anything outside of the intended video service
  • Enables medical consultation in contagion scenario, reducing risk of exposure, supporting ‘self-isolation’
  • Optimises assessment, treatment and support of a remote patient
  • Reduces emergency department and hospital overload
  • Accelerates support and isolation for patients who present (via video) with COVID-19 symptoms.

The needs of patients are evolving and especially in the light of a pandemic. Healthcare is responding rapidly to these needs and is facilitated by access to new technologies such as telemedicine. As healthcare providers see the advantages of telemedicine, video is likely to become part of the patient consultation toolbox – it can be used for a more comprehensive view of a patient in their own home, for triage prior to travel to the hospital or clinic or as a follow up with patients after a face to face visit.

To learn how BlueEye Direct Video Consultation works, click here.

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