National Ambulance Service demonstrates BlueEye Handsfree innovative wearable video at HSE Digital Academy Forum

Donal Morris, CEO RedZinc demonstrating BE Handsfree

Dublin, December 2019

HSE Digital Academy hosted RedZinc as one of a select few companies with emerging technologies in healthcare solutions at its bi-annual Digital Academy Forum with a view to a piloting the platform. The Digital Academy Forum was held on the 11th of December 2019 and presented solutions to an audience of over 100 clinicians and medical experts from across a number of Irish hospitals.

With the help of the National Ambulance Service (NAS), Cork University Hospital (CUH) emergency department and the HSE Digital Academy, RedZinc showcased its new wearable mobile device for video consultation, called “BlueEye Handsfree”, at this event.

The NAS carried out a simulated event using BlueEye Handsfree video to communicate real-time emergency video of the patient to Dr Conor Deasy from CUH in order to demonstrate the power of video communications in emergency situations.

The simulated scenario was a head injury where the patient was lying on the floor having had a seizure. Two NAS paramedics attended the patient using BlueEye wearable video. The video was transmitted in real-time to the CUH emergency doctor. Looking at the video on his laptop monitor, in front of the audience, Dr Deasy was able to see exactly what was going on with the patient, rather than relying on an audio descriptive via walkie talkie. Using the video and audio with the paramedics in attendance at the scene, Dr Deasy was able to give his assessment, diagnosis and decide on emergency treatment.

The lead paramedic discussed the benefits of BlueEye wearable video to paramedics, welcoming “the reassurance it provides paramedic staff at the scene of the accident” as well as the benefit to hospital and patient that the hospital staff can anticipate the patient and required treatment before the ambulance arrives.

As emergency services see the benefits of video, teleconsultation and telemedicine, video is likely to become part of the emergency consultations. BlueEye wearable video can be used

  • remotely from one healthcare professional to another
  • for triage prior to travel to the hospital
  • to make an early diagnosis and start on treatment in emergencies e.g. heart attack or stroke
  • to decide if hospitalisation is necessary or approve alternative treatment
  • to decide on the specialised department or hospital to send the patient

Thank you to the NAS, Dr Conor Deasy, CUH and HSE DA for all their help and enthusiasm on the day, as well as Vodafone who helped with the network setup in Dr Steeven’s Hospital. It was a fantastic event which evoked much discussion from the clinicians and medical experts in the audience on new video technology.

Watch a video of the entire DAF Dec 2019 event.

Read more about the event on the HSE DA website.

BlueEye Handsfree is a wearable, mobile, point-of-view, wireless video service delivery platform, specifically designed for paramedics. It provides a secure, stable and easy to use video consultation or telemedicine platform that enables medical staff to remotely assess and diagnose patients.

Learn more about BlueEye Handsfree on our website here.

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