BlueEye Handsfree- Wearable camera for remote video consultation

BlueEye Handsfree is a wearable, mobile, point-of-view, cloud-based Video Service Delivery Platform.

BlueEye Handsfree Video platform facilitates remote training, consultation or expert advice via point of view live video with the help of a wearable camera and a secure web portal.

The customisable real-time video solution has three components:


  • A wearable headset with an integrated High-definition camera for capturing live video
  • A smartphone for mobile connection and
  • A secure web portal for live video streaming and remote access.

Camera headset for
capturing live video.

Smartphone for mobile conection.

Web portal to manage real-time video streaming and remote acces.

Key Features​


Wearable HD Rotatable Camera for live video

The headset is light and comfortable and does not impact the vision of the user when worn. The High-definition camera on the headset is rotatable allowing the user to change its direction for optimal video.

Lightweight camera with point of view video

The headset is ergonomic and weighs only 46 grams. The wearable camera is near the user’s eye which ensures the remote audience sees on the video exactly what the healthcare professional sees.

Mobile Wearable Device

The device works on both local Wi-Fi as well as 4G and 5G networks so it is not dependent on the availability of Wi-Fi.

Seamless interactive video sessions

The one-way video from the camera headset to the web portal ensures that the healthcare professional using the headset is able to focus on the action. While, the two-way audio transmission ensures that the session is interactive.

Access the live video on any browser

The live video captured by the camera headset can be accessed by the remote audience using any web browser on their laptop, smartphone or tablet.

Designed for healthcare professionals

The solution has been developed specifically for standalone use in busy healthcare settings and addresses multiple technical and industry challenges.

How it works

1. Connect the device

The camera headset user connects the headset with the smartphone and wears the headset near their temple.

2. Start streaming

The user then starts live video streaming with the help of BlueEye app in the smartphone.

3. Remote access to live video

The remote audience logs in to the BlueEye hot desk to access the live video.

Key Outcomes

Use Cases

BlueEye Handsfree can be used in multiple settings. Some of the use cases where it has been successfully tested and piloted are:

Training / Education

Remote students can get firsthand training and education from medical professionals via real time video feed.

Emergency Services

Point-of-view real time video communication from paramedic to doctor can help with diagnosis, treatment and oversight before the patient reaches hospital.​

Public Safety

Live video footage of the scene streamed to police command centre to get immediate expert advice, targeted back up and incident recording if required.​


On-site technicians can get expert advice, by displaying the faulty equipment or plant status remotely using live wireless video.


Secure Data

BlueEye solutions comply with the GDPR and Data Protections regulations. All BlueEye video calls are AES-256 encrypted. BlueEye uses TLS 1.2 and TLS 1.3 and is always updated with secure cyphers only.
RedZinc is committed to perform regular Penetration Testing to provide fully secure solutions.

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