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DUBLIN – April 2017

The goal of the 5G Exchange (5GEx) project is to enable cross-domain orchestration of services over multiple administrations or over multi-domain single administrations. This will allow end-to-end network and service elements to mix in multi-vendor, heterogeneous technology and resource environments.

Market fragmentation has resulted in a multitude of network operators each focused on different countries and regions. This makes it difficult to create infrastructure services spanning multiple countries, such as virtual connectivity or compute resources, as no single operator has a footprint everywhere. 5GEx aims to enable collaboration between operators, regarding 5G infrastructure services, with the view to introducing unification via NFV/SDN compatible multi-domain orchestration.

RedZinc is one of the 18 partners participating in 5GEx project and Ericsson is the prime contractor. RedZinc offers wireline and wireless telecoms operators a control plane orchestration solution for economic traffic differentiation using a software defined network solution for virtual path slicing. Other partners include leading telecom companies such as Deutsche Telekom, Telefonica, Orange, Huawei and Hewlett Packard as well as leading research institutions in Europe. With its expertise on previous and on-going projects, RedZinc joins the leadership team of 5GEx to the pan-European experiments of the project.

“RedZinc is delighted to work with Ericsson and other 5G partners to deliver a pan European multi-domain platform for orchestration of virtual network functions. This experimental work will provide learning experience as RedZinc plans deployment of emergency video solutions for paramedics across Europe.” – Donal Morris, CEO of RedZinc.

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RedZinc empowers first responders, healthcare, tele-maintenance and other personnel to stream video to an expert or backup in a command centre using wearable video enabled for 4G and in the future 5G telecommunications.