The second edition of the 5G PPP Infrastructure -Trials and Pilots Brochure (N°2) is now available.

It provides an overview of the latest 5G PPP Trials & Pilots achievements. The SliceNet project, of which RedZinc was a partner, was selected for achieving one of the best 5GPPP funded pilots in the 5G eHealth sector. RedZinc’s video consultation platform, BlueEye, was trialled in the project, to demonstrate video quality using 5G as compared to 4G. During the project, RedZinc used agile software methodology to convert the existing BlueEye Handsfree device, from a telemedicine product for use by paramedics on the move, to a virtual health consultation platform to be used by outpatient clinics. This was rolled out by the Irish national Health Service Executive during the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. You can read about the project and the BlueEye pilot on page 14 of the brochure.